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Yeah I guess it’s 4/20 today. Cool story, bro. Obviously, I’m not terribly interested, but I’m always interested in a Lex Luger playlist, which features some of the best of the best in trap.

Lex Luger’s 4/20 playlist of Lex Luger-produced songs

Mayne I’m jacking my own post for this one. Whenever I look at this picture, I laugh. It can make the darkest day bright.

Harry Potter and the Pocket Full of Stone…starring:

Young Jeezy as Harry Potter

Rick Ross as Hagrid

Jay-Z as Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

Nicki Minaj as Hermione Granger

Gucci Mane as Ron Weasley

Waka Flocka Flame as Professor Severus Snape

T.I. as Professor Minerva McGonnagal

Yesterday, I saw a picture of Yelawolf and he actually looked like Snape.

And just to wrap up this special rendition of Harry Potter X #TrapTuesdays…

Well, it looks like Lil Lody showed up a little tardy for the party at Hogwarts (RHOA anyone?), i.e. at the end of the series when the castle is all in shambles. Or firebombed. Whichever of the two is more appropriate in the trap. Better late than never, I suppose.

You know, I didn’t even know Lil Lody rapped. For some reason, I thought he was only a producer. “Harry Potter” isn’t bad, but honestly I know that I’m a little biased about the fact that it’s about a series of books that I love.

Anyway, what else can I say about this? The Harry Potter motif found in trap music continues to fascinate me. Ac cording to TrapsNTrunks.com, he’s filming a video for this song. I wonder what Hogwarts house the sorting hat would put him into? I’ve always thought I would be a Slytherin.

Spotted at Traps N Trunks

Hot song – Lil Lody “Harry Potter” #TrapTuesdays

When I first started watching this, I was like, “Grrrreat, another white rapper” and rolled my eyes. Because I do that a lot. It’s like second nature for me. Unfortinately, my face doesn’t hide anything. #KanyeShrug

However, this was great. Probably more entertaining than anything I’ve seen today, certainly more entertaining than all those Shit videos from the previous post. A kid rap battling his English teacher?! Their wordplay was so ill, so clever, so witty. I’m proud of my English brethren.

After watching their battle, and the English teaching beating the kid, I think this has helped me determine my career path. See, I’ve kind of wanted to go back to school for a while, to get some more of those papers, as Shawn Chrys would say, but I can’t justify it. I studied English Lit for my BA, and I liked it, so naturally that’s probably what I would get my Masters in, even though I would likely be in the same place I’m in now after graduating–blogging for fun.

But, what if I went back to school, taught English (I shudder at the thought of that) and then started rapping? Like, what if V-Nasty and Kreayshawn extensively studied literature? Imagine how different they would be.

Actually, I’d much rather be a ghostwriter. Being in the shadows and lurking is way more fun. At least I have my life figured out now.

Spotted at YouHeardThatNew.com

Rapping English teacher ftw!

I don’t know what everyone is more pissed about, Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers being nominated for Grammys or the big snub of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy not earning the nod for Album of the Year. People always have to complain about something, I guess.

Regardless, “I Don’t Want To Care Right Now” is off the Grammy-nominated Lasers. Most people hated the record, it seems, since it was seen as such a deviation from the Lupe norm, and into dreaded mainstream which translates into sales. Whatever, I’m never mad at a new Lupe album, and I particularly enjoyed the tracks that featured MDMA.

“I Don’t Want To Care Right Now” also has a lot of really pretty lights in the video…I love that shit. I also wish Lupe would come back to Seattle! His show was super fun, and very high energy as you can see in this video. I guess I saw him in like 2010 maybe? It feels a lot longer ago than it actually was, I guess.

Hot video – Lupe Fiasco ft. MDMA “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now”

So, I already bought my ticket ahead of hearing Watch the Throne, which I didn’t care for, but ultimately, I’m excited to be going to the show even if it is in Tacoma. At this point, I am kind of approaching it from the standpoint that it’s like the Theatre of the Absurd with Kanye looking like a kilt-wearing bag lady.

It’s also absurd to me that Jay-Z and Kanye keep increasing the number of times that they perform “Black People in Paris” (I also refer to it as “Friends in Paris” sometimes). I like to be PC, okay. Since the tour has been in Chicago, they’ve outdone themselves again, performing the song 8 times in a row two nights ago.

So, yesterday while driving home from work, I decided that I would try listening to “Black People in Paris” EIGHT times to see what it was like, so I could be prepared for their concert in two weeks. Just so you know, I love Hit-Boy’s beat on the record; it’s fun, upbeat, and always hypes me up to work out. Not coincidentally, it is my favorite song off Watch The Throne, and I’m not even bothered by the fact that it has since popularized the use of “cray,” something I wouldn’t normally condone. I don’t say the word, but at the same time, I’m not bothered by it.

The first time listening to “Black People in Paris” last night was great. I was dancing in my car seat, and was just having a great time.  Instead of being in the mind frame of wanting to hear it when I started this little experiment, I soon found myself not wanting to listen to it, being like “ugh…do I have to?” Funny how that works.

It might not come to a surprise to you, my dear reader, but I lost count of how many times I actually listened to “Black People in Paris.” For sure eight, but it could have been nine or ten. Naturally, being that I listened to the same song on repeat, it all blended together. Plus, I spent over 30 minutes listening to the same song! What the hell am I going to do at the concert? Go get food and hit the merch table?!

I would compare the experience to finishing a really grueling cardio workout. It’s like, I don’t have anyone to answer to except myself, yet I still feel somewhat compelled to finish my 30 minutes or whatever. I might as well listen to the song a bunch, or do my allotted time on the stair master, just because I started out to do that. Why not?

Until the concert in a couple weeks, my verdict is, No, I don’t want to pay to see the same song performed eight times. Perhaps that’ll change, perhaps somehow it will work, but until then, my answer is No.

A study: Listening to “Black People in Paris” 8 times in preparation for the Watch The Throne tour

I guess literally shouting “Barbz” and wearing a blinged out Barbie necklace have finally paid off for Nicki Minaj because Mattel is creating a Barbie Doll of her. Reportedly, the doll will resemble her down to the tats on her arm. Does that mean the ass will be larger, as well?

Billboard reports that a one-of-a-kind doll will be created and auctioned off next Wednesday for CharityBuzz.com with a starting bid at $1000, and bidding will last until the 19th with proceeds benefiting the Project Angel Food organization. If you recall a few months back, Roc Nation auctioned off an internship on the same charity website.

I would like to point out that it’s a little eerie how much she resembles her own Barbie Doll. That background image of her staring confusedly at her own doll is on point. Am I implying that she’s had plastic surgery and looks plastic in real life? You can be the judge of that.

Although this is a one time dealio, it sounds like children of all ages are chomping at the bit for these disproprotionately shaped dolls that help to instill body image issues in young girls. You’re probably wondering, “Y U Mad,” Julie? I’m not really mad. I’m just concerned about our future, and by “our future,” I mean all these kids looking up to her. She isn’t a great role model, but arguably, neither is anyone in the music industry, at least in my opinion. Our future generations are screwed.

Oh yeah, Mattel is also doing a Katy Perry Barbie as well, but I don’t really care about that.


Nicki Minaj resembles her Barbie Doll a little too much

To summarize: someone mistakenly told Cher that Nicki disses her on “Did It On Em,” which she didn’t, and then everyone is beefing with everyone, and Nicki Minaj’s hypeman/boyfriend/clinger-on/alleged beater jumped into the tweet fray for some reason. I don’t really know why he is relevant? Especially when he pulled a Chris Brown on Nicki Minaj. Google it if you don’t believe me (and it’s all that more ironic, considering that he’s talking about what a great person he is….right).

If you could turn back time, Cher

You used to be here, now you’re gone, Nair

You know, let’s not make this hashtag flow fancier than it needs to be. I studied this shit in college, and that’s not even a metaphor. Dictionary.com defines “metaphor” as “a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in ‘A mighty fortress is our God.’”

Allow me to stress the fact that a hashtag flow is not the same as a metaphor. I would make some dig at Safaree for misspelling METAPHORE, but it’s obvious enough that he doesn’t know what one is anyway. I can’t respect him if he doesn’t know what a metaphor is.

Why am I posting about this? I don’t know. Because it makes all parties involved look stupid? Nicki and Safaree are making Cher look stupid, but in actuality are making themselves look even more stupid. Aren’t people better than beefing on Twitter? I like to believe that, but sometimes, I’m not too sure.

Spotted at Rap-Up

Nicki Minaj, Cher, and Safaree don’t know what a metaphor is

That picture has nothing to do with this post, but I just really want a pair of those shoes! A few minutes ago, it dawned on me that on this exact day, approximately 2 years ago, I started Tha Blog! Seems like an eternity, to be honest. Since I only realized this as I was editing Tha Facebook Fanpage, I have nothing special to offer you, my dear reader, other than my sincerest gratitude! Plus, it’s late in the day and I want to go to the gym.

When I started my blog on that fateful Hallow’s Eve of 2009, I was a lowly, unpaid Congressional Intern over on Mercer Island that had too much free time on my hands. I volunteered at every possible opportunity to help out the staff, but there just really wasn’t that much to do so I started blogging.

I feel like I’m in the exact same place I was when I started. I guess that isn’t really the case, though, considering I have a paying job. The migration from Blogger to WordPress was made this past year, which was far more time consuming than I had anticipated, and I also started doing interviews this year, which felt like a huge step.

Obviously, my tastes have changed, and that’s definitely reflected in my posts. Tha Blog started as a take off Weezy’s Tha Block is Hot, and I don’t even really like Weezy that much anymore!

I’m not sure if there’s anything else I can ramble about, so I’ll leave you with some ways to connect if you haven’t done so already. Also, if you want to buy me a pair of those Spizikes for being your favorite blogger or whatever, I’m a Youth Size 6.5!

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XOXO Julie from Tha Blog (to be read in the Gossip Girl voice)

OMG…Happy 2nd Birthday to Tha Blog is Hot!

Nicki Minaj certainly keeps making that money. She has partnered with Mac, and now she’s partnering with OPI for a 2012 line of nail colors. I swear, she’s at that point where everything she touches turns to gold.

I used to be a big OPI fan, but I’ve moved on to Butter London because that line of nail polish doesn’t include toxins like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens. Sad as it is, Butter London was the first company to have non-toxic nail polish. Isn’t that kind of wack, when you really think about it? I wonder what other toxic products I use on a regular basis.

Most of the colors look very over the top. Holographic, glittery pink? And multi-colored glitter? Very Nicki. Please, please note that the chartreuse/pukey green (totally a summer color, btw) is named “Did It On Em,” after her song by the same title that is all about shitting on her competition. Maybe I’m just gross,

You can’t tell from that picture, but Super Bass Shatter is one of those kinds where the top coat crackles. The last time I got my nails done in Bellevue (the uppity neighbor across the lake from Seattle), the guy was like having a field day making fun of me for the colors I was contemplating. I picked up a crackle one, and I swear I wasn’t going to use it!!! But it nonetheless dissolved the dude into a fit of giggles, because all their younger customers, probably ten year olds, go with that stuff. Of course I went with my signature black, in case you’re wondering, and since I’m obviously not a hipster, I can pull it off.

Anyway, right now I think I have the All Hail The Queen color by Butter London on my nails. I actually hate it more than I hate Kelly Rowland’s wig that I just blogged about. The more I see it, the more I hate it. It’s like a gross, ugly tan brown with no discernible shine.


Pink Friday via Rap-Up

Nicki Minaj stays making that money…you mad Lil Kim?