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Posted at September 9, 2011 by 4 Comments

Giveaway: Who wants an Evidence Cats & Dogs album poster?!*

So, I've go three (3) Cats & Dogs posters to giveaway to my very dear readers because Evidence was kind enough to give them to me. In honor of him, I attempted to go all #DirectorsOfPhotography, and do an artsy/pretty picture, but clearly, it didn't turn out very well. Dante, my special cat who hid in a garbage can, wasn't a very good subject and kept moving. Plus, I don't have an iPhone or Instagram. And that Persian rug was a little much. I also probably should have taken that picture on my light-colored hardwood floors. Anyway, the first three people who correctly answer the following question correctly get a poster. During our interview, Evidence said that he had read all the books from this one author. Who is this author? You might need to read our interview to find the answer. I'll email you with the email addy you use to comment and go from there. And I'm going to say they have to be in America only because those international shipping are a beezy and I'm broke until my next paycheck from buying Jordans off ebay. Feel free to tell my parents/bosses to give me a raise and then we'll talk. *Cat not included

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