Nas speaks on Gaddafi and Libya

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In a recent interview with, Stu asked Nas about a bunch of stuff, including his take on what’s going on in Libya right now.

On the topic of Africa, what’s your take on the Libya situation right now? 

I never saw Gaddafi as an enemy, like a deadly enemy that wanted to harm people for no reason. I kind of see him as someone who is misunderstood. I see him as someone whose, I think a revolution in Libya is important and I just hate to see that the people are against him or he has to be against, I hate to see any violence between him and his people, I just don’t like that. 

Do you think its time for the West to intervene? 

Intelligently yes, I think they could intervene so that there could be peace y’know and some understanding and sure if they can help.

Contrary to what XXL implied in their article, Nas never says anything that would suggest he thinks Gaddafi is “getting a bad rap” (you can listen to the interview here and see for yourself). Even though I was fired from my internship at a lame newspaper, TBIH would never partake in this shoddy journalism. I would have written something like “Nas sees what’s going on in Libya as unfortunate,” verses Gaddafi is “getting a bad rap.”

But, Nas is completely right because Gaddafi has always been an ally for the US. Personally, I don’t think that Gaddafi is really all that misunderstood. The monarchy was abolished and a dictatorship was established, when a coup d’état was staged in 1969 to get into power. I think he just doesn’t want to relinquish that power and wealth. That’s my opinion, at least. Maybe I’m being a little harsh on XXL, but at the same time, it’s not like Nas is standing up for Gaddafi.

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