Mixtape review – Lil Kim’s Black Friday

Posted at March 9, 2011 by 8 Comments

I feel weird saying this, since I’ve been ridiculing Lil Kim for this entire Black Friday fiasco, but the mixtape isn’t that bad. The whole premise, however, is a little more than absurd. I guess I might as well compare it to Pink Friday, since that’s the reason she made it in the first place. Both of them have approximately 0% replay value to me, but at least in Black Friday, she’s making less weird voices than Nicki makes in Pink Friday. But on the whole, it’s just absurd, and I think Black Friday would have made more sense if it was just the instrumentals from Pink Friday.

The absurdity starts immediately with the Intro, with the singing about the queen, and then it segue ways into “Pissin On Em,” her version of Nicki’s “Did It On Em,” complete with her making all those bodily function sound effects. Her version of “Hustle Hard” wasn’t terrible, either, and she was kind of funny (“same old shit, just a different toilet”).

I found a fair amount of her songs to be ironic, but I don’t know if that was intended. The 4 foot tall Kimmy Blanco rapping over “6 Foot 7 Foot” (“6 Foot Tall,” but who really cares about being grammatically correct?) and then “Do The Kimmy,” where she’s rapping about how she’s lighter than a frisbee. By the way, my ears have still not forgiven me for my assault on them with Pill and Kim’s versions of this trainwreck song. Furthermore, there is the IRS Freestyle over “So Appalled,” and it’s just funny to me that they’re rapping about tax season and “what you going to do when the IRS comes to you? Pay yo money.” If only rappers would pay attention to that…

The mixtape definitely lost what little momentum it had near the end. For the record, I also skipped the interviews. Kim trying to mimic other artists’ singing voices, well, pretty much just Rihanna, didn’t sit too well on my ears, either. ”All of the Lights” was pretty terrible, and yesterday the “Cheatin” sing leaked, and Roc Nation was very quick to declare that it was not an official remix (I do appreciate her shouting out the blogs…ha).

I just don’t understand why this would be liberated on the anniversary of Biggie’s death. I mean, I understand, but it just seems a little crass. I also don’t understand how she is able to sell this mixtape that has industry beats on it. I thought that was the point of making mixtapes free, so artists who used recycled beats could avoid being sued?

Download here if you really want…

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8 Responses to “Mixtape review – Lil Kim’s Black Friday”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i partly agree with you honey, but you must be quite young, you need to educate yourself on hip hop history and also movie trivia. the singing at the beginning you are referring to is a scene from Eddie murphy hilarious movie "coming to America" everyone 26 And older should know that its one of eddie most famous movies. on a note most mixtapes are sold boo, hell nicki sold her mixtape and it contained beats from other artists, just becuz you can downlaod mixtape for free on the internet, doesnt mean its not being sold anywhere, hit up your local record store or cd/game exhange, bet they have a section of mixtapes… for sale! Thats why no one can say anything becuz to put on blast one artist selling mixtape is to put on blast every artist selling mixtapes containing other ppl beats

  2. Yeah you're right…I am young…in two years I'll be 26 (doesn't feel very young to me). I have seen mixtapes before, but I still don't quite understand how it's technically legal. Also, your last point is a good one, and one that I hadn't considered, so thank you for contributing to the conversation and reading my blog!

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh you're welcome. and 24 is young boo, im 29.but its an in how you feel, if you live everyday to the fullest you wont even notcie age. i personally didn't care much for miss Kim mixtape i like maybe half of it but that chile need to stop singing, idk who her ppl is but i would not have let that "pretty girl rock rmx", and "all the lights" out the gate.cheater (man down) is listenable but thats it. i miss the old kim i grew up with she so busy trying to win over you youngin's she lost her identity. frget this Nicki Minaj chick and put out a full length CD. i just feel this mixtape was overhyped. me being the fan that i am i purchased the mixtape and got sooo tired of waiting i downloaded the mixtape for free, little did i know the very next day it showed up on my door step (without the t-shirt or autograph that was promised) smh, im done with the chick. but thanks for your review. i agree with most of it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    oh and one other thing its NOT legal boo, but its like smoking marijuanna,downloading music for free or jay walking too hard to enforce ppl dont look at it as a crime.

  5. ohhh ok, gotcha. I also wish she would put out an actual album, verses going after Nicki on industry beats. She needs to do her and forget about Nicki, because if one thing is apparent to us youngins who listened to Black Friday, it's that she can rap!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think everyone is being WAAAAAAY to judgmental of Kim. LIKE WTF? The whole point of the mixtape was to hype herself up…DUH!! I am a loyal Kim fan and I thought ALL of the tracks were DOPE. Especially the intro, and IRS Freestyle (my fav). Nicki can't stand a chance with Kim on the scene. I love Kim and everything she does. Let her rock!

  7. Yeah word, I actually thought that the IRS freestyle was one of the best tracks. Now that she has everyone's attention, she should do an album!

  8. John says:

    I actually dont agree, I absolutely HATED man down, and I wish she hadn't included Nicki's image on the cover…But a lot of those songs, I heard the first time thru Kim and I liked her version better : Hustle Hard, Gimme Brain, Buy You Music was my favorite and I liked Kimmy Girl Rock…she NEEDS to stop singing tho ( oh god!) but I think most of the hate for the mixtape comes from the fact that people see it as an affront to Nicki…Its really not half bad. Pissing on "Em was a weak song, but it was much better than the original. And she did it because Did It On "Em is a diss track from Nicki about her.

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