On the anniversary of Biggie’s death, Lil Kim speaks on how she thinks the government is up what happened to him and Tupac

Posted at March 9, 2011 by 4 Comments

Speaking of conspiracy theories…today is the 14th anniversary of Biggie’s death. Lil Kim called in to DJ Lady T and talked about both Biggie and Tupac’s deaths, and how she thinks that the mystery behind their deaths is deeper than what people think, and that the government is involved. She thinks that both of them could have successfully ran for something like Mayor, like The Governator, and chaos would have ensued or something. You can listen to what she says here.

I agree with Kim. I don’t think she is crazy…at least about this (Black Friday, on the other hand…). I believe there is something deeper than just the East Coast/best West Coast feud. I know the police are covering their homicides up, but beyond that, I would guess that it had to do with money. Some of the most prominent conspiracy theories tend to center around money, with the artists being too expensive, wanting to leave their respective labels, or gang involvement requiring pay. TruTV has the best background on the circumstances surrounding their deaths, as well as the conspiracy theories and a bibliography. Someone should really ask Big Sean what he thinks about this…

So what do you think? It’s making my mind spin, trying to think about how different the rap game would be today if Biggie and Tupac were still around. I also wonder how that would have effected Bad Boy Records… What I find especially unfortunate is that, no only are we speculating how different the game would be, but we’re also speculating how and why they were murdered. It’s just sad.

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4 Responses to “On the anniversary of Biggie’s death, Lil Kim speaks on how she thinks the government is up what happened to him and Tupac”

  1. I was just saying on my FB status what the rap game would be like today if Big was alive. Can you imagine? There would be classic tracks for years and years. Not to mention the featured tracks like BIG feat. Kanye West or something? I wish.

  2. yeah, like I literally can't imagine. Do you think the whole sound of rap and how it has evolved would be totally different?

  3. After Pac/Big the rap scene took a hit for a while, I mean I'm struggling to even remember what was big after them? For some reason Masta P and the whole No Limit crew keep coming to mind but i have no idea why. I think rap would definitely be different, it would probably be less poppy and more raw like it was in the 90s. I miss Big yo!

  4. That's ironic that the scene took a hit, considering that some people believe that their hits were orchestrated to keep hip hop in the news, and to keep selling records.

    Perhaps mainstream would be a little less poppy today if they were around. I just don't know, what with the internet influence and stuff.

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