Drake’s owl tattoo makes some “Headlines”

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Weezy told Drizzy not to get any tattoos, so naturally, Drake went an owl tattooed on his shoulder, coincidentally debuting it at his OVO Festival in Toronto, as seen in this moving image of him and Lil Wayne embracing. They both just look so happy…

Naturally, when I researched his tatt, I saw websites claiming that Drizzy was involved in the Bohemian Grove. Akin to the Illuminati or Free Masons, the Bohemian Grove is an exclusive, secret mens society outside of San Francisco, which seems to be known for, among other things, the male members peeing at large on the grounds. Supposedly, Drizzy’s owl tattoo–the longstanding symbol of the Bohemian Grove–is supposed to prove that he’s a new member.

Get Wit It Mag goes on to liken Drizzy’s supposed humiliation from the Tiffany Green debacle at the BET Awards to Taylor Swift’s embarrassment from Kanye interrupting her at the VMA’s, arguing that that acceptance speech was his acceptance into the occult. I would guess that Tiffany was a little more embarrassed about it than Drizzy, but who knows. Either way, it’s curious, and not completely improbable. When are there too many coincidences?

Considering that the owl is also the emblem of Drizzy’s clothing line October’s Very Own, stylized to OVO, I looked up the symbolism of an owl in my handy symbol dictionary, which is one of the trillest books that I own. I wasn’t even surprised by what I read, although it seems a little too masculine to be referencing Drake at times.

According to it, an owl today represents “bookish erudition,” which could easily be interpreted to mean “not street,” which is like me. And Drake. Ancient cultures in Egypt, India, Central and North America, China and Japan generally regarded the owl as ferocious and sinister, associating it with death, the occult, and other scary shit. For example, in China, the young owls were fabled to peck their mother’s eyes out, and the owl is a Christian symbol of death and the Devil, representative of the blindness of non-belief.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the owl isn’t all that terrifying. The Athenians were responsible for the owl’s modern association with intelligence and books, which to me is ironic given that it also represents non-belief. The owl was sacred to Athene Pronoia, the goddess of wisdom and learning, which is where European fables are directly derived from.

Ironically, whether you are looking at the owl as a positive or negative symbol, most of those associations don’t really fit Drake. Sure, he’s intelligent, but he doesn’t outright exude nerdiness, just awkwardness (as evidenced by this video of him, while wearing his OVO shirt, gets a Nicki Minaj lap dance). I would also not describe his as ferocious, nor do I think of death or the Devil when I see or hear him. If anything, I think of Wheelchair Jimmy.

Now, as a clothing logo, I’m not terribly in love with an owl. There’s nothing wrong with the logo, per se, other than it’s an owl. The lines are clean, and it isn’t overwhelming. But, it’s an owl. And I’m not a huge fan of yellow.

Believe it or not, the reason I started this blog post was to write about Drake’s new song “Headlines.” Normally, I hate his music, but I’m really feeling this song. I’m largely attributing it to Boi1da’s production, but I don’t hate what Drizzy is doing on the track. Plus, I also really like “I’m On One.” To my knowledge, I’m not ill, nor did I fall  on my head, so I’m not sure why I’m having this change of heart.

Apparently, Drake likes them birds, and not the slut kind (or maybe he does, I’m not sure). Media Take Out–a less credible source than Wikipedia…by far–posted a picture of Drake’s back that shows a pinkish hummingbird on his other shoulder. See, Wayne, this is what happens when you go away. At least he didn’t get the OVO owl on his face like Rick Ross, I suppose.

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