Watch out, Beyonce, Tiffany Evans might be the new Beyonce if Matthew Knowles has anything to do with it

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I don’t know if y’all remember Tiffany Evans, who I know from her old song “Promise Ring,” a nice, wholesome song about, you guessed it, promise rings, that was also a good workout song. Ciara was featured on it, and being that she’s like the kiss of death, the song and album didn’t do too well. To be honest, I could probably do a whole post about my postulations as to why CiCi is a kiss of death, but maybe I’ll ramble about it later.

Last year, Tiffany Evans signed a contract with Music World Entertainment, which is Matthew Knowles’ label, and this can go one of two ways. Matthew could maker her into the next Beyonce, which would especially work in his favor if the Queen B ever wants to settle down (in other words, he needs to make money off someone if B isn’t working). Or, Tiffany’s career could be more stagnant than all the present and former members of Destiny’s Child.

Either way, she’s a talented singer, and whether she’s just growing up or changing her image, her hair reminds me of Beyonce.

Why are showbiz dads so creepy? Maybe I’m over-generalizing with that question, but Exhibit A (Matthew Knowles), Exhibit B (Billy Ray Cyrus), Exhibit C (Michael Lohan) and “the smoking gun” so to speak, Exhibit D (Joe Simpson).


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