Mixtape review – Travis Barker’s Let The Drummer Get Wicked

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I didn’t need to listen to this to know it would be dope, but to preserve my bloggerly integrity, I did so anyway. As suspected, Travis’ mixtape Let The Drummer Get Wicked is a great project and makes me even more excited for the album. In fact, it is better than the whole workout mix I just put together. Let The Drummer Get Wicked, whether original songs or Travis Barker remixes, has a rock vibe to it that reminds me of what the Foo Fighters did to the “All About the Benjamins” remix, and I really dig it.

Additionally, anyone who is anyone is on this tape. I didn’t lay my verse down in time so it didn’t make it on here. Yes, that’s a joke. The guest list is crazy, though, and I particularly like the Lupe song “Joaquin Phoenix” and the Tony Yayo song “Me Against the World.” I know “Joaquin Phoenix” is new, and even if “Me Against the World” isn’t technically new, it’s new to me. I also like how “HAM” sounds awesome on every remix I have heard of it. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the Clipse song “Come N Get It,” and I will stop at that because I will end up listing every song (probably not the Waka Flocka Flame one, though).

One last note. I definitely had to peer at that gun/guitar that DJ Whoo Kid is holding on the cover for a while. He’s just in the background, hilding a guitar that looks like an AK-47. That almost makes me want to play a guitar.

Download it from XXL here.

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