The rollout for Evidence’s Rhymesayers debut Cats & Dogs

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Well, it’s basically Cats & Dogs day here at Tha Blog Is Hot. I’ve been meaning to make a post about the promotional aspect of Cats & Dogs because it’s been really dope, and it has not gone unnoticed by yours truly.

As seen in the video above, Evidence explains the series and also the first track off the album, “Liner Notes,” which serves as the intro. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other artist who taken this type of viral, online approach leading up to the release of the album. Pretty dope.

Marketing and promotions for albums are pretty interesting to me, at least when there are unique approaches involved. In case you were wonder, although I did a 180/flipped a bitch to go from Business to English Lit in college,  I ended up finishing a Business Minor (as if that shit really does anything, c’mon) and the marketing courses were the most fun. Well, except that 3 hour night class once a week with that baseball player spitting his chew into an espresso cup. But I appreciate unique market ideas, like Lupe utilizing the QR code and projecting it into Times Square, or Hov having pages of his book Decoded in super random locations.

Another big part of the promotional push includes Ev being on tour, which we talked about in our interview. Basically, going out on tour with Atmosphere, for example, allows Ev to touch other fans who may or may not know who Dilated Peoples are, who may or may not know who Evidence is.

“James Hendrix” with Alchemist, produced by Alchemist is dope. The beat immediately catch my attention, and they sound like they’re having a good time. Here’s to hoping that that Stepbrother project comes out!

Over the years, I’ve realized that the word ‘favorite’ is pretty subjective. It changes. My favorites this week probably won’t be the same next week. Nonetheless, I’m really liking “The Red Carpet,” with features from Ras Kass and Raekwon.

Although it isn’t online anymore, at least that I can find on a computer that has crazy security settings, Babu mixed a Cats & Dogs sampler that gave us all a preview of the album. I preordered the album myself (got it yesterday, holla!) but you can buy it online almost anywhere. No discriminating to iTunes only, like Watch The Throne, although the iTunes bonus version has two extra songs. It’s even on bandcamp!

On the whole, Rhymesayers Entertainment kind of fascinates me. While other larger labels seem to be floundering, RSE appears to be thriving. I remember reading something that describe RSE as a “major underground” label. Just think about that for a second. To an outsider, i.e. me, they just seem like a highly efficient, well-oiled and kept up machine. Regardless of the industry, it seems like it’s difficult to find efficiently-run companies these days. Hell, the government isn’t even run efficiently.

You can visit the RSE Youtube Channel to watch the other videos about the other tracks on Cats & Dogs. I didn’t even realize until later that the three I randomly chose put up were all produced by Alchemist. And make sure you cop Cats & Dogs!

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