Juelz Santana, the terrorist?

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Just last July, Juelz looked like an uber patriot, and now he’s being called a terrorist? TMZ reported this morning that he was arrested on suspicion of making terrorist threats, as well as disorderly conduct. He was pulled over, and refused to allow the police to search his car, so they arrested him and impounded the car. That’s quite the arrest.

They weren’t clear on whether he was like terrorizing someone, or if it was national security related, but I’d hazard a guess that it was probably being a terrorist to someone. Like that one time he threatened his ex with a knife during an argument, and subsequently was arrested.

Juelz was also arrested back in February, after his studio was raided by a New Jersey Gang Unit. Oops, right?

Fortunately for the people who actually believe Reagan Era will be released at some point, Juelz and those dimples are back on the streets after coughing up $46,500 for bail. I’m not optimistic, but I hope that it does get released, and that it isn’t wack. A couple weeks ago, I heard a DJ set that included “Clockwork” and I want to say “Oh Yes,” and I was reminded of how sick he can be. But that was like a good 6 years ago.

I didn’t realize that Juelz was being arrested as he tweeted this, like he just got his car impounded for doing something dumb, and this made me chortle.

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