Hot song – Blu ft. Pac Div, U-N-I, TiRon, Ayomari, & J*DaVeY “Doin’ Something” remix

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Um what? The “Doin’ Something” remix is the West Coast at its finest, and it is so stacked that I’m almost at a loss of words. Almost…but not quite. In my not-so-humble opinion, this is better than any ‘stacked’ remix that DJ Khaled drops. “Doin’ Something” will be featured on Blu’s upcoming album No York, and he brings along some other members of the New West, such as Pac Div, TiRon, Ayomari, U-N-I, and J*DaVeY for this ridiculously dope song.

I also am going to take this opportunity to ramble about J*DaVeY. I saw them in concert back in April, in their first-ever Seattle show, and I’m not quite sure why I never wrote about them because I really, really enjoyed their show. They were just so talented and entertaining, and I don’t even know who I would compare them to because I haven’t heard anyone like them. As such, it’s dope that they are on “Doin’ Something.”


Download from Pac Div Daily

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