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Let me preface these lists. I went to this internet marketing workshop one time, and they recommended that in order to capture people’s attention, you choose random numbers for lists. So today, it’s the top 9 songs from 2011. Tomorrow it won’t be anything for Trap Tuesdays, but the next day I’ll resume my listmania.

I bet you’re wondering how I chose these songs. Actually, I bet you really don’t care. Let’s be honest. I based my list off priarily of the ‘smart’ playlist I created in iTunes for the occasion, and partly but what I find myself still wanting to listen to now that it’s 2012 and all.

9. Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” is produced by The-Dream, but that’s not why I love it. The song is hot, is catchy, and most importantly, makes me want to shake my ass. And it’s not even a full song! It’s a minute and a half of bliss found on Talk That Talk.

Listen here: “Birthday Cake” by Rihanna


8. Most of the time I like to good naturedly make fun of Wale, because he kind of asks for it, but I will admit when he sounds good, and boy does he sound good on “Bait.” While I really like ignorant music, I especially like Wale on that ignorant stuff, like this Tone P produced track. “Bait” was a bonus cut on Ambition, and was on his Eleven One Eleven Theory mixtape. Bait bait bait bait bait!

Listen here: Wale ft. TCB “Bait”

7. “I Think I Love You” by State of the Artist (aka SOTA) was one of my early favorites on 2011. It tends to be easiest for me to critically listen to music while I am either at the gym, or commuting, and this turned out to be one of my favorite songs to listen to while doing cardio. Parker produced the song, as well as the entire Altered State EP, and it features the hella cool Janae Jones on the hook.

Listen here: State of the Artist “I Think I Love You”

6. While this wasn’t an official remix, The-Dream decided to throw a verse on to Kelly Rowland’s smash “Motivation” that features Lil Wayne. I shouldn’t need to elaborate how dope this song is, or how much I love The-Dream, but I still mention that I found it ironic that both The-Dream and Lil Wayne share a baby mama (Nivea) and that could be why they’ve never worked together?

Listen here: Kelly Rowland ft. The-Dream & Lil Wayne “Motivation”

5. My second most played song in my iTunes from 2011 is Donnis’ “Me & My Boo” off his Southern Lights mixtape (I can’t completely go off what my iTunes says because I listen to CDs and my iPhone in the whip, neither of which are factored in, in case you’re wondering). Free School produced this cut, and I am in love with the vibe on this song.

Listen here: Donnis “Me & My Boo”

4. David Banner basically satirized the state of hiphop through “Swag.” Aside from the Swiff D beat being one of the most powerful–not mind blowing powerful, but literally the bass hits you like a wall powerful–”Swag” was just so intense and clever at the same time.

Listen here: David Banner “Swag”


3. Bei Maejor’s “Trouble.” I love this song so much. It’s so catchy, so sexy, and so fun. While I’m not a huge J. Cole fan, he delivers my favorite verse from him on this track. It’s not the greatest verse, but it fits so well. One time, as I walked into a bar, this song was playing. It was really trill.

Listen here: Bei Maejor ft. J. Cole “Trouble”


2. I guess most of the world forgot Chris Brown¬†beat the shit out of Rihanna after hearing “Look At Me Now” (guilty, for the most part). I love Diplo’s beat, I love how it makes me want to immediately dance, and I love Busta Rhymes and Weezy’s verses. Weezy kills it while rapping gibberish, and I’m not even mad.

Listen here: Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne “Look At Me Now”

1. “Ray Ban Vision” was abolsutely my favorite song of the year, and not because I love Ray-Bans. A-Trak brought together CyHi the Prynce, Donnis, Pill & Danny Brown for this masterpiece that I listened to on repeat, constantly. The beat is so fun, and I just can’t not nerd out to it. I’m so fucking pissed at myself that I spaced and forgot to ask CyHi about this song when I interviewed him.

Listen here: A-Trak ft. CyHi the Prynce, Donnis, Pill & Danny Brown “Ray Ban Vision (remix)”

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