Machine Gun Kelly and Ester Dean’s song “Invincible” sure reminds me of…

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I’m kind of impartial/borderline apathetic/ignorant about Machine Gun Kelly–another white rapper? really??–but I kind of like his song “Wild Boy” with Waka Flocka Flame where they have that fire torch and doing a bunch of shit that Macy and I will be doing as soon as she moves to Seattle. If all of his music sounded like that, then I think that I would like him, even though he’s saying “Cobain back.” I don’t get that one. They’re both white. What else?

I clicked ‘play’ on “Invincible,” because I love Ester Dean. Her song “Drop It Low” is, and always will be, the jam.  Rap-Up write that “if the song sounds familiar, that’s because it’s featured in the HTC Rezound commercial.”

No, “Invincible” sounds familiar because it sounds exactly like “Words I Never Said.” I really hate it when my intelligence is insulted, and I’m not talking about trap music. It took me less than 30 seconds to realize that Alex Da Kid took a page from Lex Luger’s book, and these songs sound the same to me. Yay for mainstream music!

Seen at Rap-Up

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