R. Kelly has written a couple more chapters for Trapped in the Closet…32 to be exact…

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TMZ ran into the Peed Piper, AKA R. Kelly, outside an LA gym yesterday, where he told them that he has written an additional 32 chapters to the “Trapped In The Closet” hiphopera saga (that sure rolls off the tongue nicely). He also said that he needs financial backing in order to film it. In this economy, I don’t doubt it.

Thirty two more chapters?! What could he possibly be talking about…? That seems like it could be almost as absurd as Jay-Z and Kanye performing “Niggas in Paris” eleven times.

If you forgot what happens in the first 21 chapters, you can read the summary at wikipedia. I wonder if he would ever make it into a book? Probably not…since the highlight, unless I’m mistaken, is him singing. And I still don’t think people read anymore. As you’re reading my blog.

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