Heads up: Fabolous has a clever play on words!

Posted at December 6, 2010 by Comments Off

Even though I haven’t posted a song on here in a minute, I couldn’t resist posting Loso and Paul Cain’s latest freestyle.  They go hard over the Weezy song “Bill Gates,” and the title is “Steve Jobs.”  Fabolous is one rapper who I feeNow do you see why I couldn’t resist posting it?  I don’t know if it is off an upcoming mixtape or what.  I’m in Maui, my internet is spotty, and I’m on vacation from Google for the time being!  ”I used to be mackin, but now I’m Steve Jobbin” doesn’t have quite the same ring as “I used to be ballin, but now I’m Bill Gate’n,” but I gotta give credit when credit is due.  We all know how I love plays on words…

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