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Back in November, Big Sean’s Finally Famous tour rolled through Seattle, and as you know, I interviewed Shawn Chrystopher (see: Trill Talk with Shawn Chrystopher). As you know now, I also interviewed CyHi The Prynce, who happened to be sharing a dressing room with Mr. Chrystopher.

I’m still upset with myself for not asking him about my favorite song of 2011, none other than “Ray Ban Vision.” Nonetheless, after CyHi sang a remixed version of “Tha Block is Hot” catered toward my blog, we chatted about some trill topics like books, “A Thousand Pounds,” Kanye and Akon’s influence, and if he feels like he’s Finally Famous, before going to catch Big Sean’s set.


Julie: Thank you for sitting down with me!

CyHi The Prynce: Absolutely!

J: You were great on stage.

C: Thank you.

J: Is this your first time in Seattle?

C: Yeap–no, the second. I came to meet the plug one time. I’m just playing.

Both: [Laugh]

J: What?

C: Meet the plug… You know…it’s irrelevant. Naw I’m just playing.

Both: [Continue to laugh]

J: Sorry the weather is so shitty here, but it does rain a lot…how has the tour been going for you?

C: It’s been going really good, we’ve been having a good time, all the shows have been sold out, a lot of traveling through the mountains…

J: Kinda scary?

C: Yeah kinda scary, I don’t really like that. But other than that, it’s been cool.

J: You had great energy up there, I was dancing around back stage…

C: Haaaaaaaaay.

J: I have to ask this, even though it’s corny, and I might sound like an asshole, but do you feel Finally Famous?

C: Uhhh, not yet, not quite.

J: Yeah?

C: I feel like, I don’t know, whatever.

J: Yeah? Cool. So your song “Emotional”…

C: Haaaaaaaaay!

J: I know! It’s really dope. It’s straight, but it’s like…

C: Still fun.

J: It’s really fun! You know how some rappers talk about haters, and it’s like, Next…

C: Mhmm.

J: But it was like a fun way to talk about it.

C: Right, right.

J: Was it aimed at anyone?

C: Ummm, no, I mean one time this dude called his girl phone and he just sounded really emotional. And I just, that’s where I got it from. Like, quite being emotional, you’re too young to be worrying about a girl.

J: For sure. So you’re currently signed to GOOD Music and Konvict?

C: Yes ma’am.

J: I was wondering, what are the biggest lessons that both Kanye and Akon have taught you?

C: Ahhh, I think, do it yourself. That can always be the lesson. You know, it’s just, they haven’t really taught me a lesson. I really learn by watching, by being attentive, paying attention. I learn that way. You don’t have to really like tell me something, I learn by watching.

J: Yeah. I guess this is sort of irrelevant, but, do you feel like because they’re international stars, that that has kind of given you a different viewpoint?

C: Yeah, yeah absolutely. It makes me understand that the world is bigger than my block, or my city, or my neighborhood, you know what I’m saying? Like we have people out here who know CyHi the Prynce, and there’s like, you know, it’s bigger than that, so you have to appease the world, instead of appeasing your neighborhood. That’s what I’ve been doing.

J: Cool. Can you explain how your song “A Thousand Pounds” came about?

C: Oh, oh, yeah, aw mannn, it’s like, um, it’s actually a movie I was writing, and I’m still writing. I actually wrote it already and it’s done.

J: Are you starring in it?

C: Ahh, I might. The thing about if I want to take it to the next level and get somebody else do it, so I’ll take the writer’s check any day, you know what I mean? But nah, it was just a cool record, a concept record. I grew up selling a lot of weed, and it kind of fell off the story, you know, one of my stories, a little over exaggerated, but it was like, what if you found this, what would you do?

J: Ohh.

C: And yeah, that was it. Nothing too special.

J: Do you write a lot of movies?

C: Yeah, yeah, I’m on my third one right now.

J: Wow.

C: I’m trying to get a little deal. It’s on the low, don’t tell nobody.

J: Oh, okay.

Both: Laugh.

J: I’ll just like, block it out.

Both: Laugh.

J: But that’s cool. What inspired you to do that?

C: Um, it was a little more vivid than music. Like, music I can only say so much without taking you somewhere left field, you know, I don’t really give a shit about your personal life, like rap some cool shit, you know what I mean?

Both: [Laugh]

C: But with movies, you can really get personal, and really tell a story, piece by piece, put it together, a person can really see it. The best way of learning is to see, you know?

J: Yeah.

C: Especially for young people. They don’t read books and stuff anymore, like they used to.

J: I know…

C: I guess, you know, you guys in college and stuff, you probably still read.

J: I majored in English Lit!

Both: [Laugh]

C: Oh so you read! Niggas like us don’t read! We read raps!

J: I was going to ask you what your favorite book was!

C: Oh, um, I only read a couple books in life. I haven’t read a lot of books. I’m not a great reader. I’m more of a sponge. I’m more, if I hear five intelligent people having a conversation, I will soak it all in, and sound like I’ve read everything. I do research, so I do have to read. I research, but I don’t read a whole fuckin’ novel.

J: It’s hard.

C: It is! From an English major it’s hard? Thank you for saying that. Thanks.

J: I read like two pages a day.

C: I had this girl, she used to read The Art of Attraction to me when I was young, she was older than me, like my teacher, and she used to read, but she had the CD, so the CD used to read it, bitch was crazy…anyway.

Both: [Laugh]

J: Your major album is coming out next year? [Ed. note: technically, this year, now]

C: Yeah, yeah. Hopefully.

J: The…

C: Hard Way Musical?

J: Yes. Do you have any features you want to tell me about?

C: I’ve…I’m, like, at the fetus stage.

J: Oh yeah?

C: Like, I’m gathering everything, coming up with ideas, I haven’t really got my features together. It might move faster than I expect, so, keep in touch, I’ll probably give you a couple secrets.

J: Oh yeah?

C: Hit me on Twitter sometime.

J: I will. Well, you can tell me to stop anytime.

C: Are you ready?

J: Oh it’s cool.

C: We’re just going to go watch the show.

J: Yeah let’s go watch it!

C: Julie! CyHi the Prynce! Seattle! Haaaay!

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