My dreams are coming true: Frank Ocean is working with Pharrell

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Actually, who cares about my dreams. I’m sure Frank Ocean’s dreams are coming true as well. But does this not warm your heart the same way that it warms my ice box of a heart? It should. In case you didn’t think of my cosign of Frank was enough, the BBC Blog says to “Do yourself a favor and download his mixtape!”

Anyway, the all-over print on Frank’s shirt says it all. Fucking Awesome.

It must be so exciting for OFWKTA to be working with people like Pharrell, because I’m pretty sure that I feel the same way about Skateboard P as Tyler does. In high school, I  bought the ‘Vote or Die’ poster featuring him and some random poster for In Search Of off ebay. The album poster was weirdly folded in my closet at home when I was there over the weekend. My mother doesn’t understand the significance of anything N*E*R*D. Typical.

Since Nostalgia, Ultra was liberated, Frank has worked with Beyonce and Nas.

I can only imagine the harmonizations, and as a result, eagerly await. I wonder who Frank will work with next? Maybe Hov?

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