Various videos of shit that various rappers say or don’t say, etc.

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This trend still hasn’t died yet, and it probably doesn’t help that I’m continuing it along by posting these videos. Whatevs. Julia Beverly grabbed some of her rapper friends like Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Killer Mike, Kim Osorio, and Mecca for “Shit Rappers Say,” and it’s pretty funny. It’s always amusing when people can poke fun at themselves. Not to shamelessly promote myself, but the would-be “Shit Julie Says” amused me.

And then there’s “Shit Rappers Don’t Say” (but we all think). I added that last bit in the parenthesis, FYI. So true. And so funny.

Ahahaha the cat in the beginning…I guess my life isn’t too different than that of an unsigned rapper? Unsigned rapper, blogger for hire, yeah, same difference. This kid in “Shit That Unsigned Rappers Say” also had me cackling. As a bonus, this was also the shortest one for everyone else that has a short attention span out there like yours truly.

Via The Dopehouse | The Dopehouse | Crunk + Disorderly

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