The Grammy’s were last night?

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I guess the Grammy’s were last night? Just kidding. I watched the first hour when it was broadcast on the West coast, but also saw the tweets from the East coast in the hours beforehand. In other words, it was like I watched them, but better. If that’s Chris Brown’s happy face for winning a Grammy, I’m truthfully terrified to see what he looks like when he’s mad. I didn’t really care for his performance, btw.

Nicki Minaj debuted some new track called “Roman Holiday” that offended Catholics everywhere with her performance, which included an exorcism. I’m not Catholic, but I was offended by the music. The fake Father was an allegory for everyone who had to listen.

Finally, someone who is more pale than me. Nicki Minaj is trying to be Lady Gaga. She wore that bizarre Versace Priest gown thing (which costs more than anything I own, I’m sure) and had a white dude dressed as the Pope on her arm. Grammy’s, or Halloween? You be the judge. Personally, the first thing that I thought of when I saw that get-up was The Scarlet Letter, but that’s probably just me being an English Lit major.

Awww Adele won 6 Grammy’s! I watched her 60 Minutes special that aired before the Grammy’s, and enjoyed it.

Visit the Grammy website to see the full list of winners. Skrillex and stunt queen extraordinaire Kanye were big winners, and Kanye didn’t bother showing up. Katy Perry looked a hot mess, and Rihanna had an enjoyable performance that showcased the most amount of choreography she’s ever done in a performance like this (I think I read that somewhere?). All in all, just another year at the Grammy’s.

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One Response to “The Grammy’s were last night?”

  1. pd says:

    She is a swagger jacker. I provided her inspiration for the Grammy Performance, in a video titled BOLOGNA N CHEESE that I posted to youtube two weeks ago after seeing STUPID HOE. I got a ton of views, deleted it because I felt kinda bad, sucked it up and reposted it o February 6 2012.

    SEE FOR YOURSELF. listen to it in its entirety


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