Hot song – Don Trip “Like Me”

Posted at February 14, 2012 by 1 Comment

I don’t know who Don Trip is, but I am loving this song. Since my birthday is over and “I Just Wanna Party” can’t be my theme anymore, “Like Me” might take the cake. Line by line, verse by verse, it’s like he drops gem after gem after gem, all over a Drumma Boy beat no less! Now would be an appropriate time to insert the emoji face that has hearts for eyes.

Particularly, I love Don Trip’s second verse. I probably can’t really relate to him at all, let’s be real, but he makes it sound so relatable. “So now I’m acting funny, blame it on all my dough, but I don’t know you and don’t want to, so fuck you and your IV’s” (I think that’s what he says?). Sidebar: I swoon at every mention of IV’s now since I just got my first pair. I am also in agreement with him on “if we was cool and you fucked that up, we’ll never be cool no more.”

I love this song. February 24th sees the release of his mixtape Guerilla. And I’m excited. Maybe by then, I’ll figure out who he is.

Download via Traps N Trunks

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One Response to “Hot song – Don Trip “Like Me””

  1. Will J. says:

    Check out Don Trip and Starlito’s collabortive record from last year, called Step Brothers and ridiculously dope. Don has a few solo albums on his bandcamp. Memphis all day.

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