Hot song – Marcus Manchild ft. Yo Gotti & Scarface “U Ain’t Trill” #TrapTuesdays

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I can’t say that I know much about Marcus Manchild, other than he’s from the south and had a video for a song named “Bad Ass Yella Boy,” which I found ironic because there’s a group out of Seattle named Bad Ass Yella Boyz, or BAYB for short. In case you’re wondering, I found the crew to be more trill than the song.

Anyway, “U Ain’t Trill” is kind of a trill song, despite the letter-instead-of-whole-word thing going on in the title (that shit makes me uncomfortable!!). I don’t know who produced the cut that features Yo Gotti and Scarface, but it sounds pretty trappy off my crappy office speakers.

You can listen to it at Vibe Magazine, here.

Marcus Manchild explained the song, which you can listen to it at Vibe Magazine here, saying:

It basically getting on most of these rappers that are in the industry right now who speak on shit they know nothing about or not doing. You hear the “hustler” rappers and you see the rappers that claim they got all the b*tches but don’t have no b*tches, or they’ll say they been here but never been there. Its just a lot of people whether it’s rappers, actors, basically any person who you feel ain’t trill and they keeping about this and that were saying it in this song.

What if one person (A) who thinks they’re trill, isn’t trill according to another person (B)? And to muddle the water more, what if B thinks he’s trill, but isn’t trill to another person (A)? It’s all objective…and now I’m confused. That ain’t trill.

Vibe via DGB

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