Ne-Yo was in my fair city of Seattle on Monday

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According to AllHipHop, Ne-Yo was in town earlier this week to serve as the Principal for the day of some school I’ve never heard of. I read about it after the fact, of course, and despite my initial bewilderment of not knowing he was in town, I came to the realization of, “why should I know he’s in town?” I don’t know how or why I would have known beforehand.

Via AHH:

Ne-Yo briefly traded in his Grammy Award winning singing career yesterday (Febraury 27) and served as the principal of Seattle’s Aki Kurose Middle School.

Ne-Yo visited the 600 students, who won the Get Schooled Foundation’s National Attendance Challenge, which challenged the students to increase their daily attendance rates.

“I am happy to partner with the Get Schooled Foundation to encourage attendance and education. It’s so important to show up, be present and pay attention so your dream becomes a successful reality,” Ne-Yo told

During the day, Ne-Yo taught math, spoke to students about the importance of attending school and other important issues affecting students.

I think Nicki Minaj did this last year, if memory serves correctly, or something like this.

Fun fact: the “Miss Independent (Remix)” is one of my favorite songs, ever.

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