The Life & Times of Julie: SXSW, Day 2

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I’m not saying that I wasn’t expecting SXSW to be cracking after watching The-Dream perform in a church the previous night, but I wasn’t sure if anything could quite compare to that ethereal experience. And, duh, spoiler alert, yesterday was just as great!

I started at the SXSeattle Showcase, but left shortly thereafter to find some food because I get super cranky if I don’t eat. After eating some mediocre pizza, I decided to scope out Deco Lounge, the scene of where I would spend most of my day for the Bout That Life Showcase.

Afterward, I made my way to the Convention Center, after grabbing an iced Americano, to watch Steve Stoute and Nas on their special interview panel. One of the perks of having a a badge, if you will. Steve Stoute’s book The Tanning of America was super interesting, and it was cool to hear and see them rehash old memories because they’ve grown up in the industry together, as Steve Stoute was Nas’ manager early on before turning the advertising industry upside down, and they’ve known each other forever.

Despite that all, I was kind of bored. Sue me! Interesting people, interesting topics, but hey, I wanted to be watching my favorite trap artists, so of course, I went back to the Deco Lounge.

That’s the flyer. I had to throw it in here. You know I was in heaven.

With all the artists on that bill, I was pleasantly surprised to recognize Marcus Manchild when he took the stage, and pleasantly surprised by his set. I was even more pleasantly surprised to see Chase back in the bar, who happens to be one of the biggest G’s I know. This I realized as we walked over to the Fader Fort and couldn’t go more than a block without him saying “What’s up” to someone.

I told myself that I was only going to catch artists who I’ve never seen before while at SXSW, but when Chase and Desiree said they were going over to the Fader to see The-Dream, I decided to go as well, because, well, it’s The-Dream and his tour isn’t coming to Seattle.

The line was a clusterfuck, but not for badge holders, so I went to eat at this superb taco truck nearby. I would walk my ass over to the Fader just to go eat there again. That’s how good it was. I was pleased to be eating something that wasn’t mediocre.

Anyway, I came back, and being that they were at capacity, while I was waiting, I saw A-Trak and Talib Kweli turned away because they didn’t have wristbands. Finally I got in, and they were behind schedule, so it was all good.

The sound wasn’t great and The-Dream didn’t sound as good as the night before, but it was still trill to be watching him. It blew my mind that The Fader Fort was at capacity for people to see The-Dream, but the church was about a third full the previous night.

Anyway, I decided to stay and watch Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and Kendrick Lamar, mostly because I hadn’t ever really seen them before (the night before didn’t count). The short sets of everyone except Kendrick kind of made me wish that I had stayed to watch them all last night, but I didn’t dwell on it.

When TDE finished, we went back to the trap. Someone I got separated from everyone so I ended up having to wait absurdly long. I was really quite distressed about it.

As I was in the general waiting area, this guy walked by me, and I was like, “Huh, he looks familiar…” and when he walked by me again, I saw his Drumma Boy chain. Yes, I was a little starstruck about that. Then, I looked over, and there is Le$, who had one of my favorite mixtapes last year with Settle for Le$ volume 2. Slim Thug was also down there (he’s hella tall!), as well as the whole Boss Hogg Outlawz crew, who I’m not terribly familiar with.

After what seemed like an eternity, I made it to the top deck where everyone was performing. Sad to say, I didn’t get to see Don Trip, but I certainly heard him. I made it up for Le$, who killed his set, and brought out M.U.G. and Slim Thugga.

I was really surprised to see Drumma Boy actually performed with Gangsta Boo, and they were on next. I haven’t really been into Gangsta Boo, but she was really great. Plus, they performed “I’m On Worldstar,” and I fucking love that song. It was a little humorous because Slim Thug did his verse, but didn’t know his words, at all. Following their performance, Drumma and Gangsta Boo took pictures with everyone in the crowd, which I thought was dope. PS Drumma Boy is fine. I just needed to put that out there.

Some other artists who I didn’t know performed, and about 45 minutes ahead of schedule, there came the A$AP Mob. It was very strange to me to see there for each girl who tried to rush up to them, there were at least 7 guys who did the same. I think that they only did two or three songs, one of which was “Pink Kisses,” my favorite, as well as “Trilla,” and maybe another. Yes, I saw Chase N. Cashe on stage the entire time, perhaps being an honorary member of the A$AP Mob?

Anywho, A$AP Rocky came down into the crowd and they were filming it, and that was pretty fucking cool to have him standing next to me like that? When does that ever happen??? Aside from being bowled over by him on the street here, of course.

Just as fast as the the A$AP Mob mobbed in, they were out, and so was most of the crowd. I was super stoked to see that Chicago’s King Louie performed, because with the showcase starting at 3, I figured I had missed him. After observing my appreciation of King Louie’s music, this guy David introduced himself to me, and it turned out that he knows Andrew Barber from and has his own website and writes for The Fader. I love meeting fellow bloggers!

Some other kids performed, and then Slick Pulla took the stage, with Freddie Gibbs just chilling up there, supporting his labelmate. I was kind of hoping that Jeezy would come out, but he didn’t.

Since Gangsta Gibbs was in the building, he performed an unannounced set as well. I really like that guy. Unless I’m mistaken, as soon as he finished, a mob dressed in a while rolled through, and Yo Gotti was on stage before I knew it. At some point in there, David introduced me to Ziploc Moe, the mastermind of, so I was pretty pumped about that as well!

And then there was DJ Drama, who you know I had to get a picture with as well! He looked super excited to meet me.

Then, I peaced to go see Juicy J, because we all know how much Julie J loves Juicy J. His show was basically outside in a tent, and it was wild as shit. The whole Taylor Gang was there, with Wiz chilling on stage. I also saw Berner and SL Jones up there, if I’m not mistaken.

He was decent, not great, but still dope to see. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was dancing my ass off, and he performed “Get Higher” so I’m not mad at all. I was hoping for “Smokers Night Part 2″ or “Lucky Charm,” but it’s all good. This dumbass in a Hawaiian shirt next to me was all offended that Wiz didn’t perform so I wanted to punch him, but since I’m one of the more reserved people that I know, I didn’t.

Just like that, the Taylor Gang was out of there, and Wiz was all over some chick who clearly wasn’t Amber Rose…just saying.

In summation, last night was phenomenal. So much trap music! I was in heaven. If you have an iPhone, with the emoji, I would be using the smily face with hearts as eyes…A LOT…next to “Dirty Glove Bastard.” Mayne, what will today bring???

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