The Life & Times of Julie: SXSW, Day 3

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Yesterday, I woke up super tired. I was a little weary that any of the showcases I could attend would equal both previous days. I started my day hella late, for not really any reason at all, and decided to go through this random unofficial showcase that I had seen J*DaVeY tweeting that they were at.

After eating at this delicious taco truck near the Fader Fort, and swooping through there to get some Vitaminwater (seriously…I did that) I rolled over to some shady looking place named Cielo in hopes of seeing J*DaVeY, who I had missed.

Nonetheless, I decided to post up there, and who did I see in the crowd except Fly Moon Royalty? What a small world.

Anyhow, some girl performed whose name I didn’t catch (I felt compelled to mention that?) and then Idle Warship walked out on stage! In true Talib Kweli fashion, so it seems to me, he stopped the band midway through the first song, kind of threw a temper tantrum about never having played with said band even though they were great, and then proceeded to rock the stage with Res.

Following Idle Warship, Dawn Richards, formerly of Dirty Money (yeah who knew that that band was around still so that she could be a former member?) came out and did an impressive set. While I could never figure out what she was wearing, she was so bossy up there! She did a great cover of Frank Ocean’s “Novacane,” in addition to a bunch of Dirty Money songs. Do you know what she’s wearing?

Let’s see, after her, Terrace Martin came out with 9th Wonder as his DJ. Yeah, no big deal. Pause. Terrace is an artist whose name I’ve heard, but that I haven’t actually heard, so I was super down to check him out. He was tight, and he even played the sax. No, that isn’t enough to make me want to pick my sax up again. His set was even more trill, as he brought out LA artist Ty$ and Kurupt. I think you should hate me?

As I was tweeting about something mundane and/or stupid, this guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked him to follow him on twitter. That was my cue to vacate the venue, although RedOne, who frankly I knew nothing about at the time, was taking stage, and Schoolboy Q was supposed to be on later.

I walked over to the Green Beacon of Hope and got an iced tea, before recharging my phone in the Convention Center.

Honestly, I sound like an idiot saying this, but there weren’t very many shows I was too interested in seeing last night. I went over to the AC3 Showcase to see Laws, who was on at 9:10, except left by 9:25 because I saw no sign of him, and I needed to walk out to the boonies to see a bunch of rappers rap at the Thrasher Magazine party. I will say, however, at the AC3 and Unrefined Hype showcases were cool because they were in two separate bars, but you could bounce between the two through the bathroom hallways. Kind of like secret mazes or something. I think I also found myself in the background of a Jackie Chain interview and a Rittz one. Look for me on Worldstar.

I hiked over to where the Thrasher party was, mostly because I wanted to see SpaceGhostPurrp. So, I could be mistaken, but I think I showed up just in time to see Husulah, not SpaceGhostPurrp as I had thought. Silly me, for thinking that any showcase, regardless of the time of the night, would be adhering to schedule!

Husulah was dope, as was SpaceGhostPurrp. I was reflecting on the fact that I was in Texas, and it was dope to be hearing Purrp’s slowed down, bass heavy music. I really enjoyed that atmosphere.

Up next was Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, yet another artist that I see all over the blogs. He did, I believe two songs, and then had to pee or something?

As the night goes on, it gets hazier for me, AKA I had three drinks in one night. Freddie Gibbs was on next, and this marked my third time seeing him, and it’s all love. I seriously love that guy. He is so funny and entertaining, and I just don’t get tired of watching him.

After Freddie murked the stage, as per usual, El-P got on, and was by far the crowd’s favorite. I didn’t even know El-P was white, so I’ll leave it at that.

Dude I don’t even know who was on next, but the next thing I know, I see the A$AP Mob shuffling, single file, through the crowd up on to stage. The A$AP Mob is truly inescapable for me. Maybe they were performing? I don’t even know. A$AP Rocky was just on stage, dancing around, smoking, and drinking, while they performed “Pink Kisses,” and some others. I don’t even think that he actually rapped.

The crowd really wasn’t fucking with it, but I was enjoying myself. I was living in the moment and thought it was great. Within the next five minutes, I decided that my goal was to take a picture with A$AP Rocky. I asked Will if he would take the picture, to which he obliged.

So, the A$AP Mob shuffled out, with their fearless leader Rocky leading the way in his white bandana and rainbow tie-dyed sweatshirt. I went up to him, and was like, “can I take a picture with you?” He was like, “Yeah, walk with me,” and threw his arm around me and we walked about 20 feet. It kind of felt like I was in the A$AP Mob for about 12 seconds. Of course, Will took an absolutely horrific picture and I told him I was going to punch him in his sleep for it. Bruh…if you’re not even gonna really try…I coulda asked someone else. So that was disappointing for me.

We left shortly thereafter, when we realized that Killer Mike was in Atlanta instead of Austin. What came to mind, immediately, was the Killer Mike show in Seattle that even Killer Mike didn’t show up to.

So we walk out, I’m still telling Will I’m going to punch, and there’s the entire A$AP Mob just standing there. I was like all hella nervous still trying to get my picture, but I didn’t try that hard. I talked to Rocky, and I’m about 99.999999% he didn’t even listen to me. From there, the A$AP Mob took off to who knows where. We actually ran into them, again, as they turned down the block like they were walking in circles. It was rather odd, and honestly, the first thing that I thought of was how much everyone looked like a cult. It was definitely bizarre to me, even in my drunken state.

Fortunately, there was a food trailer park nearby, and I bought a cheeseburger that was approximately 21 times better than the one I ate at Whataburger.

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