Hot video – FKi, Iggy Azalea & Diplo “I Think She Ready”

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I only recently discovered “I Think She Ready” on the Heroes x Villains soundcloud page, which from my understanding is produced by both Heroes x Villians and Diplo (unfortunately, Daniel Disaster couldn’t make it out to LA for the video shoot). And by “only recently,” I mean a couple days ago. I’m so obsessed with this song that I’m going to go ahead and say it’s going to make my 2012 hot song list.

Anyway, I took a break from listening to the song on repeat to watch the video, which is pretty wavy. Actually, the level of trill in the song is equal to that of the video. Alex 2Tone directed perhaps the first ever “interactive” video, in that you can click it as its playing, and shop for the clothing articles that FKi and Iggy Azelia are wearing. I don’t really have the same style as Iggy, at all, or the ability to afford those designers that she’s wearing, but I’m still captivated nonetheless.

So, after talking about “trap music” with my guy Chase (who hipped me to these guys in the first place), it is my understanding that “trap music” is a subgenre of southern trap music, and that “luxury trap music” is actually a subgenre of trap that incorporates some electronic or even dubsteppy elements.

I can’t get over how dope this song is. I love how Diplo is just like swagging in random scenes in this video.

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