Pharrell to release a coffee table book

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Pharrell is one of the most interesting people in the music industry because of all the work he’s done over the years, but also because he has managed to remain somewhat enigmatic. He should be in those Dos Equis commercials instead of that old guy, especially now that he’s releasing a book called Places & Spaces I’ve Been. Coffee table books are so under-appreciated.

From the BBC blog:

This is a coffee table style book which will feature conversations between Pharrell and some friends who have inspired him such as Anna Wintour, Nigo, Buzz Aldrin, Takashi Murakami, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Hans Zimmer, Ambra Medda, Chad & Shae. The rest of the book will contain photos which cover most of Pharrell’s career. The book will be released October 16th and will retail for $55. Multiple colored cover options will be available as well as a limited edition version ($250) which will include something special which we won’t unveil until closer to the release date.

I wonder which color I’ll get. Fortunately, my multi colored rug which likely match all of them.


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