If you want to dress like a minion…

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Lupe Fiasco posted the ‘official uniform’ on his blog for his Steppin Lasers Tour.  I just bought my ticket for the show, as well as my ticket to see Nas and Damian Marley’s concert.  I think I am more excited to see B.oB. and Lupe than Nas and Damian, and now that I think about it, I’m usually more excited to see openers than headliners.

I guess I need to find some camo pants.  Why the hell not?  I used to have some, but I’m pretty sure that I gave them away…and my ass probably wouldn’t fit in them anymore (good or bad, you decide).  Hopefully Forever XXI can hook me up.  I just hope Lupe doesn’t expect me to wear those stunna shades indoors; wearing sunglasses inside, especially at concerts, is so tacky.
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