Massive(ly) wack

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Nicki Minaj debuted her new music video for “Massive Attack” featuring Sean Garrett on 106 & Park today.  Terence J looks ugly now, and Rocsi looks like a hot mess as usual.  The song was released a couple days ago, but I figured that I’d just wait to talk about it until the video dropped, hoping that the video would make the song better.  Unfortunately, the video is equally as lame as the song.  Weezy needs to get out of prison to clean up this mess, ASAP.

I also don’t think it was a good move for her to feature Sean Garrett on her first single.  Sean Garrett will never reach mainstream success similar to the likes of Usher in his prime (Usher is washed up now in my opinion).  What has he even been on besides “What Them Girls Want” and “Break Up?”  I don’t want him to fail; on the contrary, I wish he would succeed.  But I feel like he will be far more successive in his writing endeavors, because he is obviously very good at that.  Not to mention that he looked like a dumb ass wearing no shirt but a backpack.

Nicki looks like a mess in this video, and she still can’t dance.  Nothing makes sense to me.  Even Amber Rose’s cameo is useless.  When you can understand what Nicki is saying, which isn’t often, her lyrics make absolutely no sense.  Shawn Chrystopher’s tweet says it all:

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